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‘Little Explorers’ Tuk-Tuk Tour: Discovering Paris with Joy and Wonderaris

2 Hours

Our tour

Join us on an unforgettable kid-friendly tuk-tuk tour of Paris! Designed especially for young adventurers, this 2-hour tour takes families on an enchanting journey through the City of Lights, filled with excitement, discovery, and fun.

Our expert tour guides will lead you and your children to the most iconic landmarks and attractions, sharing fascinating stories and engaging trivia along the way. The adventure begins at the majestic Eiffel Tower, where you’ll capture magical moments and learn interesting facts about this world-famous symbol of Paris.

Hop aboard our colorful tuk-tuk and embark on a thrilling ride along the legendary Champs-Élysées. Marvel at the lively atmosphere, spot charming boutiques, and soak in the vibrant energy of this iconic avenue.

Prepare to unleash your inner superhero as we make a stop at the mighty Arc de Triomphe. Strike your best superhero pose and capture memories that will last a lifetime!

Next, we’ll journey to the renowned Louvre Museum, where young explorers can embark on a treasure hunt among art masterpieces, discovering hidden symbols and unraveling fascinating secrets.

At the picturesque Jardin des Tuileries, children can enjoy playtime in a delightful setting. Let them run freely, ride a merry-go-round, and engage in fun activities that will make them feel like they’re in a storybook wonderland.

Our tour continues to the magnificent Notre-Dame Cathedral, where captivating tales of knights, princesses, and gargoyles await. Imagine yourself in medieval times as we explore this architectural masterpiece.

Cross over to Île de la Cité, a magical island with a rich history and hidden wonders. Discover the enchanting Sainte-Chapelle and the mysterious Conciergerie, all while keeping an eye out for mythical creatures hidden in the nooks and crannies.

Our adventure takes us past the heroic Invalides, where valiant knights and warriors once roamed. Marvel at their armor and weapons as we learn about the courageous heroes of the past.

To conclude this extraordinary tour, we invite you to a local park where you can enjoy a celebratory picnic amidst joyful surroundings. Reflect on the memorable moments shared and create lasting memories with your loved ones.

Don’t miss this opportunity to create an unforgettable experience for your children in the heart of Paris. Book your kid-friendly tuk-tuk tour today and embark on a journey filled with magic, laughter, and exploration!

Place You Will See

Eiffel Tower :
Eiffel Tower

5 minutes
Trocadéro :

5 minutes
Arc De Triomphe :
Arc De Triomphe

5 minutes
Concorde :

Place de la concorde

5 minutes
Champs-Elysees :

5 minutes
Louvre :


5 minutes
Notre Dame De Paris :
Notre Dame De Paris

5 minutes
Invalides :

5 minutes

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‘Little Explorers’ Tuk-Tuk Tour: Discovering Paris with Joy and Wonderaris
From €260
/ TukTuk (Max 5 people)
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